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I'm a game developer that recently graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I am almost always working on one or more personal projects at a given time. I am looking for a game design or development, web design or development, or software engineering postion.

Personal Information

  • Name : Mitchell Heard
  • Age : 22 Years
  • Phone : +16076618337
  • Email : mitchheard@mail.rit.edu
  • Address : Rochester, NY




Survive or Die Trying

This game is an open world first person survival game where the player is located on an isolated island. The player must battle against hunger, thirst, wild animals, and the forces of nature to survive and escape the island alive. The player has to collect plants and materials found on the island in order to craft tools and items to aid in their survival and escape. They must also pay attention to their hunger and thirst meters and find food and water to keep them alive. On top of all this, the player will encounter wildlife on the island, some of which can be used as a source of food, but some of it will try to use the player as food instead so you will have to fight against the beasts to keep from becoming dinner.

Gif of in game bear running at the player


Creating a 3D low poly paintball simulator game using Unity. Implementing physics that simulate real world paintball physics as well as adding features to make it more interesting than paintball in the real world. Developing guns such as smg with full auto fire, shotgun, and a paintball RPG that can be picked up from gun spawners around the map. Creating online gamemodes such as free for all battle, team deathmatch, and capture the flag that can be played with friends.

Gif demo of game in unity editor

Deep Space Game

Developed a website from scratch without using any framework or stylesheets other than my own. After creating the website, decided to improve the project further by adding a game to it. The game is drawn to a canvas element on the page. In the game, the player flies a spaceship to avoid alien ships that are attacking it. The player has to shoot and destory all the alien ships in each level to advance.

Deep Space Game

Scrrenshot of deep space game

Rocket Launches

A web application that uses AJAX to retrieve rocket launch information from an API dependent on user input. It then formats that data, origanizes it, and returns the information to the user in a way that is easy to read and comprehend.

Rocket Launches

Screenshot of web application